The Tuya Smart APP Pet Feeder Cat And Dog Food is a unique product that provides flexible meal portions from 1 to 20 portions per meal, 5g for every portion, and the container capacity is 3.5L. It also has a voice recorder and speaker to record your voice for 12 seconds to call your puppy or kitty for meals. The built-in infrared sensor will automatically stop the machine when the bowl fills the size of the dry food that exceed 1 cm⊃3;, preventing the pet food from clogging or overflow.

The Wifi version of this product is especially unique, as it allows you to feed your pets from anywhere anytime with your phone (Android and iOS) and track feeding records for management control. It also supports 10s Customized Feeding Call, allowing you to record your voice messages and play it to make your pets get used to the feeder better while dispensing meals. Additionally, the detachable and deep stainless steel tray provides healthy and hygienic feeding and save your pets from chin acne.

Finally, the dual power mode allows you to power the feeder via the included power adapter or 3 pieces D batteries (not included). Battery Backup ensures that your pets get fed even in a power outage.

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