The VAHIGCY Roof Snow Rake is the perfect tool for removing snow from your roof. It is made of high-quality aluminum materials and is durable enough to last for years. It features a telescopic skid-proof rod with a twist lock that can easily adjust the height and length. The 4.5m Oxford cloth is light and strong, and helps snow to slide off the roof. It can resist temperatures as low as minus 20-30 degrees. The product length is about 193-650cm/75.98-255.91 in, and the Oxford cloth length is about 450*42cm/177.17*16.54 in. This Snow Rake is unique in its design and features. It is safe and labor-saving, allowing you to remove snow from your roof while standing on the ground. The telescopic skid-proof rod and Oxford cloth make it easy to adjust the height and length, and the low temperature resistance makes it perfect for winter weather. With this Snow Rake, you can easily and safely remove snow from your roof.

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