Product title: Artificial ivy wall home decorative plants.

Product features. 1. Artificial ivy made of high quality silk and plastic. Each decorative vine is about 7 feet long, with 24 stems in total, about 2 meters in total. Each ivy has 72 leaves and the leaves are about 1.5-1.8 inches. You will also get two 2 meter long LED strings of 20 LED lights (batteries not included).

2. Our hanging vines are flexible, so you can cut and adjust them to your needs. The ivy garland does not require any kind of special care and the material is durable so it will last a long time. The LED wire is also made of copper wire which is soft and easy to bend to your needs and has two lighting modes that can be switched at will.

3. Choose our lifelike ivy to decorate your room or patio to make you feel like you`re in nature and save space in your room. The leaves of ivy look lifelike and realistic and will add elegance and nature to your home. The lifelike fake vines with LED string lights can be easily hung on walls, doors, fences, window sills, TV walls, swings, mirrors, railings and anywhere else. The high quality strings also ensure safe use in any situation.

Our Artificial ivy wall home decorative plants is a unique product that adds a natural touch to any space. The vivid texture makes it look like real plants and the LED string lights add a special touch. The flexible vines are easy to cut and adjust to your needs and the copper wire LED strings are safe to use in any situation. The low-maintenance plants are perfect for adding a natural touch to your decor.

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